About Us

Actors Australia is a group of over 350 professional actors from all over Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and the Gold Coast.

And we have members working in many overseas countries including the USA, UK, New Zealand and even the popular European filming location of Prague in the Czech Republic.

We are a chat group with an e-mail system so we post messages to members with industry news, gossip, questions, advice, projects and current performances.

It’s a help group and a support group. No matter what our problems are it seems others have had similar and can give confidential professional advice.

Needless to say, it’s the confidentiality of our e-mail system that is the lynch-pin of our discussions.

However we do have public areas on this site where members can stream their latest videos, have their CV, Biogs, Publicity Photos etc, available for Producers and Directors to view, and display links to their own acting websites.

All of our services are totally and utterly free and always will be. Actors Australia is strongly moderated to ensure a supportive environment even for the most timid new member.

Socially we arrange gatherings a number of times each year and groups often will meet at the theatre, coffee shops, pubs, and at each others homes.

The MODERATORS of this site are:

Sydney - PETER McALLUM  www.petermcallum.com

Melbourne - DON BRIDGES  www.donbridges.com

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