We are accepting new members all the time!

Though our forum and all our services are completely FREE, we restrict our network to those actors with professional work on their CV. Recent graduates from formal training are welcome. If you fit the criteria you will love us … and we will love you!

We are first with great information, first with cracking the whip with MEAA, first with answers from our huge resources and if you see a show in Sydney or Melbourne, in theatre or on TV or the big screen, you can bet one of our members is a cast member!

“…I just wanted to thank you all for the advice, humour, debates, and general chit chat you all so happily give! You all provide such amazing insight into your own experiences as actors. I am so lucky to be part of such an inspirational group.” – Quote from an Actors Australia member

You will need to join our Actors Australia Yahoo Group before we let you have full access to this website. All you will need is a YAHOO ID.

To get your application underway please have your CV ready and attach it to your online application along with two statements:

1.That you agree Not To Advertise within the group.

2. That you agree to keep all matters discussed completely Confidential.

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Warning: Any one who tries to join Actors Australia and does not follow the above steps will automatically be rejected.

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